From 18 Hour Scouts Honor Race to RVA24 & RVA6

The RVA24 and RVA6 endurance mountain bike relay races were born from the "18 Hour Scouts Honor" race founded by Cycles Ed in 2003.  In 2009, a passionate endurance mountain bike race team known as “Richmond ASR” took over the reins!  Proudly, we’ve grown to one of the largest endurance mountain bike races on the east coast.  Just look around for some argyle “18 Hour” socks at your next event! In 2017, we’re introducing the RVA24 and RVA6!  Our mission is to provide a premier endurance mountain bike relay race that is inclusive for all who ride singletrack and provides a platform for personal achievement.  Whether you do 1 lap or 24, we hope you, your family and your pit crew have a wonderful experience.