Welcome Mountain Bikers to RVA13 and RVA6!


The RVA13 and RVA6 endurance mountain bike relay races were born from the "18 Hour Scouts Honor" race founded by Cycles Ed in 2003.  In 2009, a passionate endurance mountain bike race team known as “Richmond ASR” took over the reins!  In 2018 RunRideRace (of Monster Cross Fame) has taken over the production of the events.  RunRideRace is very familiar with the event as a former participant and then event timer, for many years.  After spending time discussing the future of the race ASR and RunRideRace decided to change the length of the race to 13  and 6 hours races for 2018.  We are hoping this might open up the accessibility to a greater number of racers.

RVA13 10am-11pm
RVA6 10am-4pm

2018 Important dates

  • EARLY REGISTRATION: Pricing discounts, Priority Camping/Housing and more....
  • ONLINE REGISTRATION: Open until Oct 5, 2018

race day registration fees

           We will accept race day registration

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You'll race on the same course as the this video shows for the RVA13 and RVA6

Race video courtesy of our sponsor: GroundForce IT